Introducing Modern Outplacement

BrightJump can help your separating employees get to their next job faster. Easing their stress and your unemployment commitment.

Departing Employees

Help Separating Employees Find Their Next Job

Support your separated employees with guidance and technology to help them optimize their resumes, find opportunities, keep track of their progress, interview effectively and have access to live career coaching.

Provide Outplacement

Reduce The Long-Term Workload of Supporting Separated Employees

BrightJump's Transition Resources tab enables you to post all the links and documents supporting your separated employees’ needs, reducing inbound calls and emails.


BrightJump Leverages Your Investment in ADP

As an ADP client, all employees that you separate will be sent to BrightJump reducing the need for manual entries. Plus, invitations to BrightJump can be sent automatically based the criteria you choose.

Provide Outplacement

Help Manage your Brand Reputation

Separating employees who feel poorly supported in their transition may turn to tools like Glassdoor to share their frustration, which can erode employer reputation.

Included Features
Job Board
Saved Jobs
Resume Creator
Article Resources
Resume Review
Expert Coaching
Self-Paced Courses

Let BrightJump Help with Your Outplacement

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